Private Bookings

Lowest Prices in all of SoCal

Every PACKAGE includes the following:

 10 bubble balls

2 goals 

 2 different sized balls

Delivery, Setup & breakdown 

 Event coordinator/referee

Different Gameplay Modes

Customized Music

Unlimited amount of players

1.5 hours


total per event

2 hours


total per event

2.5 hours


total per event

NO Hidden Fees or Add ons

A Glimpse at our Reviews

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Lauren W.

"I hired orbit soccer for my husband's birthday gift this year. They were friendly, on time, set everything up and took everything down. They coordinated all of the games to make it fun and competitive. I didn't have to worry about any of it. Even during this crazy pandemic everyone felt safe to play as everything was clean and they wore masks and had hand sanitizer for everyone. My husband and all of the adults had an absolute blast and I would highly recommend these guys to anyone. This was the perfect activity for everyone to have some fun and be outside and get some much needed laughing in. Watching them play was just as entertaining!"

Evan G.

"I had been wanting to play bubble soccer for quite a bit. After searching I landed on Orbit Soccer. I was surprised at how easy it was to book and plan the location (which I figured would be a pain). Almost too good to be true. They have a great field with flags, cones and everything seems to be high quality and branded well. 

Our event coordinator, Chase, was great and had the field set up before we even got there. He was energized and funny as he picked up on all of our humor. 

The gameplay was very fun and exhausting, it's a great workout, which I wasn't expecting. The game modes had us busy for the full 2 hours. Some friends switched in and out too as again, it's a workout and they didn't charge extra. 

Highly recommend and will book them in the future for sure."

Annastassia M.

"Amazing experience. The experience was so well done from our event coordinator to the guy I talked to on the phone. I was skeptical by their lower prices but don't let it fool ya! They. Are. Great. Everyone had a blast and a lot of laughs were shared, definitely one for the books!"

Our Bubble Soccer Games 

Bubble Soccer

Free fall

Suit up and take on this classic style team vs. team game. Score as many goals as you can to become victorious!

More like free-for -all. Every man for themselves in classic bubble soccer, Avenge or a knock each other down tournament.

All included with every package. Choose the games you want to play!




Comets vs Planets

Similar to sharks and minnows, a player starts out as the comet and the rest are planets. Players must get across the field without being knocked over by the comet. If they are knocked over they become a comet next round!

Everyone is out for blood against one player. Who is that one player? The king/queen. Who becomes royal? The referee announces who is the king/queen and that player must avoid getting knocked down by the other players. This is a quick, exciting game mode!

The classic bubble soccer game but tournament style. Anywhere from 1 vs. 1 to 5 vs. 5! Winner moves on to the take out other teams until we have one victor. Oh and of course a losers bracket. 

Similar to the classic bubble soccer but one catch...there is no ball. You are the ball. One person on each team has to get themselves into the net first! Guard your ball or wreck havoc on the other team!


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